Zone Warriors updates

2010, Feb 22

As a few of you already know, I’ve been slowly working on a secret zone stats projects. It’ll be hosted on until I can afford a new domain name and hosting.

The data will be collected by Torn XML files and it will also be manually entered if data is pre-Torn. You will be able to select a tournament, or a competition. The interface will show a table of the teams (leader board style) where the user can click on a team for a certain to break down into the team’s scores over the season, bested colour as well as other stats. Then it’ll have links to the players on the team then bring up stats for that player, in that certain tournament. It will also link to the players “global” profile, listing their achievements, teams and competitions participated in. Highest rank in x. MVP count. Number of trophies. That kinda junk.

The post production name is not set in stone, so I’m using Zone Warriors as the name.

There will be pretty graphs, no doubt about that. Also an achievement system where I am happy for suggestions. Leave a comment here or a message on the Darkzone WA forums.

In no particular order ->

  • Parse Torn files generated by Doug’s Torn software (21/02/10)
  • Parse different formats and/or support for manual data (for comps pre-torn)
  • Usable admin / interface
  • Add a site (21/02/10)
  • Add a tournament (21/02/10)
  • Queries!
  1. Team ladder
  2. Solo ladder
  3. Team tournament profile (21/02/10)
  4. Player tournament profile
  5. Player overall profile
  • Site review and related media (a profile for the site!)
  • Button hookups (ID to Profile)
  • Graphs (Via JPGraphand/or XML/SMF Charts) NO USE THIS!! Google Vis
  • Achievement system (would appreciate ideas)
  • Commenting ability
  • Hook up with the SMF authentication to use as a primary source of authentication for the website
  • Make the whole webpage look pretty
  • Online fixtures
  • Online fixture generator following Doug’s 3-team grids
  • Caching of finished events
  • Events! Notification via email/IM and reminders. Ability to comment and rate past tournaments! RSS/iCal compliant
  • Podcast support (lol)
  • Who is currently at zone? via 4sq

If you can think of anything else that I could put on it, please let me know!