World of Warcraft MMO gaming mice

2009, Oct 02

Juke decided to purchase a couple of these World of Warcraft MMO gaming mice for my birthday. They look pretty great, having 15 buttons, cool glowing OLED that pulsates. It takes a while to get used to the handling and the design since it’s a bit different to normal, more ergonomic mice. But apart from that, so far, the hardware acts really well. The buttons are well placed and it’s very good.

One slight problem. The software that comes with is absolute crap. It’s very poorly written. It can’t even handle malformed XML and will just crash. Error handling? Jesus christ learn how to. I tried to simply import a profile via the armory and I get an AP MFC error. Why? because the image location has changed or something. How hard would of it been to, say if there was an error. 1) Display there was an error getting the image 2) Replace it with a stock image. Oh, the images? they’re STOCK IMAGES AND DO NOT REALLY CHANGE. You could of distributed them with the package.

The only problems I have had though, are to do with profile handling.

The other options in the software are okay, such as setting up key bindings, macros and junk like that. I’ve recently bought my mouse into work and bound cut, paste, hide desktop, tab forward, tab backward, build, build project and it works pretty well.