Sitecore - Migrating from TDS to SCS

2022, Apr 18

Migrating to SCS from TDS!

This is a cheeky lil command line interface tool to convert TDS projects to CSC modules

When looking at the daunting amount of TDS projects that our Sitecore solution has, I decided to whip up a quick migration command line application that parses each TDS project and item in the solution.

It will then generate a basic module skeleton based off the TDS project. It also takes into account for any Helix modules that exist in the solution, and will try to add includes and filters based off that.

It will require some manual intervention after the module files have been created, to tease out the additional items you would like synchronised.

Terminal running tds2scs command line tool

To run this script, build it in Visual Studio 2019/2022, copy the appsettings.example.json over to appsettings.json and change the config to suit your needs. Then run the executable. Note that this WILL overwrite existing modules. I'm using log4net just for logging, and it'll give you a verbose output on what items it skips so you can go back and make changes to address the ones you need. Once the *.module.json files have been built, go into Sitecore Content Seraliser in your solution and start sync'ing your life away!

Obviously the script isn't 100%, and you will need to still create additional modules for the edge cases, eg /sitecore/system but it'll give you a good start! The code can be found on my Github