I got my wheels back

2010, May 19

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Tonight I decided to hit the Rollerdrome for my now usual fortnightly skate. I sat down tied my skates up then hit the rink. The first thing I do when I get on the rink is to check the grip and holy shit – my wheels did not stick to the ground. This is quite awesome because it meant one thing. The last times I’ve been skating I haven’t been able to powerslide properly; powersliding is where you put all your weight on your wheels going the opposite side to where you were skating, it also makes loud noises and sometimes sparks (if you’re lucky).

This was so great. It meant that I had pretty much the best control I could have. Reminded me of back when I used to skate at Rolloways as a teenager being able to do freaky skate shit, like diving in between clumps of people who are slowly skating around. Catching that half a second window you get between people and sneaking up to someone and letting a massive sounding powerslide go.

I’ve been skating for a pretty long time, ever since I was 13. I took it up because I really slow at running and I needed something to do in my spare time; skating seemed pretty good. Started with the learn to skate program, did all the star classes and ended up pretty decent at skating. (I will not mention that it was a figure skating class either… then again I was one of the few people that figure skated in speed skates)

It’s just so exciting feeling the air rush through you, knowing you are in complete control and you can recover from any slight slip-up with mad balance control.

I’ve been going road skating a fair bit. My recent and longest skate going at a constant speed (mostly because there was NO ONE at all on the foot/bike paths) was the following RunKeeper entry: http://rnkpr.com/a5rhfd. Of course, this skate might of effected my wheels as I was using rinky wheels instead of road wheels. My axels are fucked okay.

Looking forward to some more skating. Considering being a referee for the upcoming roller derby games. I think learning a massive rulebook to see girls beat and trip each other up would be well worth it. ;)

And that, is how I roll.