Pidgin SIPE plugin for Win32

2011, Apr 22

Update: You can now get builds off sourceforge.

If you want to know how I built it…

Since we use Microsoft Office Communicator (OCS) at work quite a bit, and recently we’ve updated to Group Chat - I’ve manged to compile libsipe.dll using the latest trunk.

I’ll update it when there are updates to the project since I have it all running nicely on my Ubuntu box![STRIKEOUT:I’m not sure how to get Group Chat up and running as of yet, maybe someone could help me? I don’t know what URI to put in. But at least the dialog is there in this plugin version.]

Managed to sort that one out :) - was entering the wrong group chat server URL. I’ve setup autobuilding for every week, you can check out the DLLs here <nope, lost everything in a server crash>

If you come across any problems please let me know so I can investigate :)


Some notes on how I built this Firstly, you need to build Pidgin. I followed this guide. But specifically, this is what I did : I built everything under /usr/src/pidgin Installed the following packages via apt-get

$ sudo apt-get install mingw32 mingw32-binutils mingw32-runtime

Followed Step 2 in the guide linked to the URL above Installed Pidgin’s build dependencies as per the guide Followed the cross-compiling guide Built pidgin using the mingw make file (using the Build Pidgin instructions from the above guide) Once it built cleanly, I grabbed the latest source for libsipe via gitFollowed only the 1st step from the libsipe website, just to get the code Grabbed the dependencies specified in this wiki article I then had to edit the Makefile.mingw (and other occurrences of the file) to meet the pidgin version I was compiling against Tried to compile it, it came back with a whole bunch of errors and I manually went through all the error’ing related files (from memory, usually a bunch of header files) and made sure they were set

Handy links

OCSPedia - Shows how to generate a group chat log file, pretty useful if you want to check out what your URI is


If you want to grab the latest release (1.12) you can get it from here (dropbox)